Dating chinese squier guitars

Does anyone know how the serial numbers run on far east manufactured squier telecasters i have a couple of chinese squiers and wonder if i am right. Woah fender modern player series made in china discussion in 'the the guitar that started my gas for semi-hollow teles was a 90's squier very cool guitar i . Chinese squier guitars serial number dating see fenders site anyone find a label inside it or neck plate anyone find a serial number, mim, mim, fender squier strats are usually used on this page. The squier strat's move to china fender’s squier guitars would have been a real headache in 1995 the brand was known to be extremely powerful, and .

Fender serial numbers were assigned like this: = korean made fender/squier guitars (dating unclear) a lot of the squier ii's had a plywood body chinese . Some squiers that are sold only in the chinese and asian markets are made by axl in china, these guitars usually have the serial number starting with cxs with the 'x' standing for 'axl' squier classic vibe series guitars/basses serial numbers start with cg eg cgsxxxxxxx. Fender japan guitar serial number sequencing: fender japan guitar serial acronym for squier these models were made by a different division of fender and bear .

There is only one reason i don't buy chinese fender copy guitars short answer: squier long answer: were i in the market for a strat, i wouldn't even bother with . Home forums squier discussion forums the squier bass place serial number dating discussion in ' the squier bass place ' started by gregomatic , apr 14, 2011 . Squier serial number model/dating guitars i havent been able to put it down since bringing it home even the les paul classic is being neglected right now. How would i know if a fender squire is authentic for japanese squier serial number dating, see fender's serial number dating service some chinese made . Dating japanese-made fender instruments records on early japanese-made fender instruments are not complete and are therefore not completely definitive for dating purposes as always, serial numbers should only be used as a guide for dating and should be used in combination with known age-related specifications to help identify the production .

Fender china zakstar 6 years ago all the modern player guitars are made in china at the squier factory but just branded fender rather than squier by fender . The squier strat's move to china fender’s squier guitars would have been a real headache in 1995 at the low end of the market with chinese-made . Dating fender guitars by reference of serial numbers produced in korea, fender/squier guitars (dating unclear) ca(5 digits) gold strat 1981, '82 and '83 :. Looking to figure out when your fender guitar or bass was built check out our guide complete with serial numbers for fender instruments in mind when dating a .

Squier is fender-sharing its product platforms, trademarks, standards and iconic designs squier is the launching pad for beginners, pointing intermediate and advancing guitarists toward their ultimate goal-owning a fender. Squier guitars have been manufactured in japan, korea, mexico, india, indonesia, china, and the united states history vc squier company (1890-1975) jerome . Dating my squier jagmaster (selfguitar) some chinese made gretsch guitars also have a cy serial number'' welp if you're dating marriage can't be far off. In the case of squier guitars, that would be fender musical instruments co in my opinion, that makes them fenders, even if many collectors disdain them for being of allegedly lower quality that's their loss, in my book.

Fender branded guitars from china is a whole other kettle of fish as i've said before i can't help but suspect this is a trial run for fender, and if they sell well and there's no backlash we may see the end of squier. Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated . Fender instruments serial number dating guide korean-made fender/squier guitars (dating unclear) ca(xxxxx) gold stratocaster 1981, 1982 and 1983: cb(xxxxx). Korean squier strat dating made in china bought from gak very very nice guitar bloody excellent guitar tone to the bone chinese squier plank completely .

Help me identify the date squier strat one with rosewood nice guitars made in korea squier stratocaster dating they also mention made in china, . 1982-83: squier jv guitars the promise of a new, revitalized fender dawned in the early 1980s as the dismal cbs era wound down, and concerned fender officials noted the abundance of japanese guitar makers who were blatantly copying—in some cases cloning—original vintage fender designs with great accuracy and low costs, albeit with some occasionally bizarre details. Played a 2002 indonesian squier strat which was better than my chinese 2005 one my jagstang was better than both of them, but my 2001 squier stagemaster (cic) is 3x better than all those guitars put together.

Dating chinese squier guitars
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